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Turkey Bacon

Ever since it was born in 1991 as the original turkey bacon, Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon has lived up to its famous bacon name and blazed a trail for turkey bacons everywhere. It’s naturally hardwood-smoked and made with 100% turkey, with 50% less fat than USDA data for pork bacon. But just as fame doesn’t always make a bacon great, greatness doesn’t always make a bacon famous, and Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon has been overshadowed by its bacon brother for far too long. That’s why it’s helping Michael Bacon and Unsung Bacons everywhere get the recognition they deserve.

Michael Bacon

Michael Bacon might be the less famous Bacon of The Bacon Brothers (it’s his band) but he is a great Bacon unto himself. The product of a Bacon family that valued creativity above all, it’s no wonder Michael became a musician, a master of 12 different instruments, an Emmy-winning composer for film and television, and a maker of the world’s best Caesar salad (seriously, he’s been perfecting it over the last 40 years). He played for 250,000 people at the Isle of Wight in 1970, and he’s also a college lecturer, sailor, cyclist, husband, and father. Michael’s accomplishments speak for themselves and it’s time the world recognized that a Bacon less famous is not a bacon less awesome.

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